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“Yapok!” Or “YPK” (Pronounced: eye-pay-ka), is a collective founded by “Niels” and “Milan” (2018) from a group of close friends. Using a whitelist, they tried to keep themselves apart from unknown outsiders, this made it kinda feel like a cult. Meanwhile getting together to feel safe and smoke, they worked on their skills for a while. The group stands for being who they are and how they like to be, only a few would ended up releasing music/art as part of the collective. 

The main focus is being yourself, and making the music you want to make. Try to set yourself apart by just letting your creativity and instinct guide you, this makes for a really interesting creative process. It can be heard in the music, combining everything from jazz rock -to hard hitting trap with the signature electronic processed sound of the vocals. 

We're not bound by the rules of art, simply because it has none. You decide your own.